What are Fake Cheque Scams

How to Notice, Avoid and Report Fake Cheque Scams

Cheque Scam

We may live in a digital world but old-fashioned paper cheques are still in use, and, for the scammers, they present an opportunity to steal your money.

Of the many scams that are prevalent in today’s society, fake cheque scams target consumers of all ages, and worryingly, they’re on the rise.

In recent years, renewed focus by the banks on identifying fraudulent cheques as they pass through the clearing system has ensured that 95% of all cheque fraud is stopped before a loss occurs. However, a high number of fake cheques still make it through the system and are costing unsuspecting consumers in Australia millions every year.

With the consequences of falling victim to fake cheque scams potentially so damaging, you must know how to keep yourself safe.

Just because a cheque has cleared in your bank account, it doesn’t mean the cheque is good

Click here for this Fake Cheque Scams guide, to provide you with the latest information on how to spot, avoid and report fake cheque scams to help you get one up on the scammers.

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