Seniors Real Estate Services – SRES

Seniors Real Estate Services SRES

Seniors Real Estate Services – When You Want to Sell Your Home

When you are a senior looking to sell your home, you want to appoint someone you can trust to put your interests first and not theirs.

Seniors Deserve the Best Service

We understand that seniors deserve the very best service and aim to consistently deliver excellent service in a cost effective and stress free manner.

We can help you with all aspects of real estate, including residential and commercial sales and leasing, business sales, valuations, home preparation for sale, de-cluttering and retirement living options.

Seniors Real Estate Services – SRES Contacts and Consultants

How does Seniors Real Estate Services – SRES(R) work?

  • We offer a convenient contact point – a single telephone number that can help you find your way through the ‘maze’ of information that may be before you
  • An informative website:  or  and
  • referral to an approved SRES real estate agent or salesperson who has been carefully selected to assist you.

We will ensure your SRES agent listens to you so that they fully understand YOUR needs, time frames and desired outcomes who will advise you on the best way to meet those needs.

Helping Make the Right Decision

We may arrange for an SRES agent to visit you in your home or in their office to further discuss the best possible outcome for you given your particular circumstances  because we recognise that everyone’s particular circumstances are difference.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All” especially when it comes to property.

We want to ensure that you really have been heard, so when the transaction has been completed, we will ask you to complete a feedback form which will give you the opportunity to tell us your thoughts on our service and any advice you may have to ensure that we are aiming for excellence.

An ‘SRES’ (R)  Agent Really Understands

Seniors Real Estate Services – SRES (R)  has a deep understanding of the senior’s life stage and applies this to their work every day.

We understand the issues related to organising, relocating, right-sizing and adjusting to change when the time comes to move. Although it is very exciting setting a brand new life path, change often comes with concerns and uncertainty.

SRES(R) consultants are selected and trained to ensure that all of your real estate needs are handled with care and professionalism and as stress-free as possible.

We understand that, while embarking on the next phase of life can be very exciting, it can also come with uncertainty.

Making the right decisions and at the right time is so important. Because we are committed to provide superior real estate service especially designed for seniors;  SRES agents are totally ‘client focused’.

This means that they will always work to ensure the very best outcome for YOU and not the agent themselves.  To help us do this we support all the major seniors focused organisations across Australia and only select those professionals and colleagues who are willing to put YOUR needs first.


All our clients are rewarded with choosing either a complimentary signboard or an internet listing, to ensure that your home gets the exposure it deserves.

Free membership to National Seniors

*Also, at the sale of the property we will give you, as our gift, membership to National Seniors for twelve months, which means you receive the seniors magazine ‘Over 50’ each month  and a catalogue full of savings to enjoy at your leisure.


A Seniors Real Estate Services – SRES(R) consultant is trained to ensure that all of your real estate needs are handled with care and professionalism and your move will be as stress free as possible.   We really understand Seniors!

Feel free to contact us at any time on 0403 909090 or via email: CLICK HERE  (