Security of Tenure

security-of-tenureWhen you are making an important decision regarding finances, especially when dealing with relocation or change of lifestyle, your peace of mind is critical to closing the deal successfully.

The laws surrounding your Security of Tenure are very important- it aims to provide residents of a retirement home with security in purchasing a lease on a place to stay. Villages vary in occupancy conditions, and so the lease must talk about the terms and conditions of the scheme for each estate. Your rights are protected by default under the Retirement Villages Act.

A Memorial will be registered against the title to the land of the village as required by the Retirement Villages Act. The memorial will declare the status of the land as of the retirement village, meaning that if it is sold- the new owner continues to operate the title land as a Retirement Village, keeping people in their homes until they decide otherwise.


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When Experience Counts

When Experience Counts!