Pre-Contractual Disclosure

What do you have to know before signing a contract?

ContractTo begin, make sure that you have all the info you need before you make a decision. This includes information about your rights; a cooling off period is also recommended. Ensure that your financial advisor can also look over everything and be fully informed. One thing about retirement villages you should know is that they vary greatly depending on location, how old the village is, and the range of services & amenities provided.

Before you sign anything, ensure that you have all the documents including:-

  • A list of FAQs about retirement village life with answers.
  • An informative statement with info about costs when entering the village together with the ongoing charges for the services provided.
  • You must understand all costs and fees that can be charged to you as a resident in case you leave.
  • A detailed list of the existing amenities and proposed future ones as well including upgrades and changes to the proposed amenities.
  • A copy of all the rules of the village as it relates to visitors, parking, use of property such as garden, parking, and pet policies.
  • A copy of by-laws and a request for inspection of any document or record held by property management
  • Financial info about the village: is it established or currently under construction?

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When Experience Counts

When Experience Counts!