Retirement Villages Act

Retirement ActThe objective of the Retirement Villages Acts in each state is described as being;

  • A provision for a scheme under which a balance can be found between rights and responsibilities of retirement villages and administering authorities of retirement villages by –
  1. Regulating the making, operation, and ending of residence contracts.
  2. Consultation between residents and the authorities behind the housing acts.
  3. Dispute resolution of any kind.

The entire act can be purchased from the relevant State Law publishers or can be downloaded from the internet.

Part of the Retirement Villages Act is also the Retirement Villages regulations which include a schedule describing the following:

  • Code of conduct to be observed by those who are administering authorities of retirement villages. This covers such topics as preparation of documents, resident committees, and procedures of dispute.
  • The Retirement Villages Acts also needs the owners of the residential properties to relinquish comprehensive info to a person that covers village life.

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When Experience Counts!