Trevor Elburn – Seniors Buyers Agent

Seniors Buyers Agent

Don’t Sign Anything

Finding the right property usually requires a fair amount of time for research, calculation and consideration; especially if you’re a Senior.

There are traps for unwary seniors both when buying and selling.

Avoid the traps by contacting us prior to signing anything.

SRES Buyers Agent for Seniors

The SRES area of expertise is especially for ‘seniors’, that is – those people between 50 and 80 years of age.

The benefits of having a buyer’s agent include avoiding conflicts of interest, independence and having somebody to ensure you are purchasing the right property to suit your future needs and not taken advantage of when selling your own property. Also, not overpaying for your new one.

The property marketplace is very dynamic – things can change from one week to the next. You need someone who’s really got their fingers on the pulse who can give you the true inside running on what’s the fair process.

You may already have friction with your real estate agent – and you don’t want to create more problems; an SRES buyer’s agent will ensure that you consider all available options.  It’s a big part of the SRES buyer’s agent’s responsibility.

A SRES buyer’s agent keeps abreast of market trends and know the market back to front by conducting their own research.

They will also have a solid understanding of the economic fundamentals of property so they will be able to help negotiate the best outcomes for you.

A buyer’s agent for seniors home buyers understands that there is usually a very high emotional element to a property purchase and do their best to ensure your present and future accommodation needs are met.

You don’t want to make a mistake by overpaying, but you also don’t want to pass up an opportunity in an area where you want to live. You also don’t want to buy something but then have to spend a lot more money on renovations either. You also don’t want a ‘yes man’.

You really want someone to challenge all assumptions on the big decisions to help you make the all important right decision.

A SRES buyer’s agent can also provide advice on picking one property over another to help to get your purchase right.

When Experience Counts

The cost of a SRES Buyers Agent

There is no additional cost to the seller.

If we can help you, please do not hesitate to contact us today – before you sign anything.