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Interested in ‘rightsizing?’ (or ‘downsizing’)

How Seniors Real Estate Services – Can Help

Life has different chapters. We all know that.

Housing needs change over time. We know that, too.

What doesn’t change is that, for most of us, our home is our greatest lifetime asset. Like our health, it’s precious.

Why Contact Us?

Just as you would seek expert financial or medical advice when you need it, at some point you will need a housing expert who really knows about the needs of mid and later life Australians.

That’s us:  that’s who we are.

Save time and money:   Just because people are retired doesn’t mean they don’t need to save both time and means. Our comprehensively trained*, local, fully licensed real estate agents/salespeople specialize in providing an expert service to people over 50 years of age.

Let us support you through the lifestyle transactions involved in your new life chapter. They are well known to us. As we identify your individual needs and recommend the right approach for you, we will enjoy helping you avoid common pitfalls.

Our people will listen to what you want. They know how family, community connections and Centrelink requirements impact on real estate decisions.

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We are always happy to chat with you about your housing needs, whether your life transition is underway or pending. We are interested in every aspect, from rental matters and property management to formal valuations. The “What ifs.”  The, “should I or shouldn’t I.”

*Seniors Real Estate Services – SRES has been designed especially for seniors and may connect sellers with specialist real estate agents and other businesses to help ensure both full transparency and that fees and charges are fair and reasonable.

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